The Phoenix Bar is a completely nourishing and sustainable food bar for the purpose of preventing hunger, food security and malnutrition globally.

A phoenix is a legendary bird which, according to ancient stories, burns itself to ashes every five hundred years and is then born again. This symbolises new hope.

Each bar weighs 120 grams.

Yes - each bar weighs 120 grams, meaning that they are filling enough as a meal replacement without being too filling that people can’t finish the bar.

The consumption of four Phoenix Bar's meets the World Health Organisations’ criteria for human nutrition. However, Phoenix Bar's can be used to supplement a diet when food is already available.

Yes, if consumed four times daily – as per the World Health Organisations’ criteria for human nutrition.

The initial version of the Phoenix Bar has an organic vanilla flavouring. During the next stages of development, multiple different flavourings of the Phoenix Bar are to be created – including savoury flavours - in order to ensure that the long-term consumption of the bar does not become monotonous or tedious.

The Phoenix Bar is only made from vegan and ethically sourced ingredients.

Phoenix Bar’s can be eaten whole or mixed with water to form a paste or porridge– which would be particularly suitable for infants or elderly individuals without teeth.

The Phoenix Bar is made from grains, legumes and vegetable extract.

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No, it does not. It can even be kept in hot conditions of 30 degrees Celsius and 65% relative humidity.

The Phoenix Bar has a best-before date of 2-years.

The Phoenix Bar will initially be manufactured in the UK. However, at a later date, Flaming Phoenix endeavours to manufacture Phoenix Bar's’ close to or inside of countries afflicted by food insecurity in order to provide jobs and support local farmers - alleviating the root causes of food insecurity

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